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Update: 06/12/24


Terms: Buyer will agree to legally bind these terms to future trades and buyouts, these terms shall be transfrerred to all future owners for a period of 20 years after this sale.

1. will have a "trademark umbrella" that will protect it's other domains from trademark woes and takeovers. This will be transferrable to any buyer of any of my EC domains.

2. Buyer shall assume all responsibilies to confirm aspects of domain ownership, transfer and participatiing parties. will be released and not held accountable by any actions of Buyer, it's representatives, agents or present and future participants. will be released and not held accountable by any actions of domain registries, search engines or monetary entities involved in the payments, transfer or administration of domain.

3. will have a binding grandfathered agreement to be paid a 5 percent of any and all "future sell ups" if/when the buyer, and future buyers sell to larger companies. Because I know this website will sell like Facebook for $500 MILLION someday when electric cars dominate the roads and car sales. The company who buys this will be committed to EV's and in the coming years this website will become more valuable. I sure don't want to hear on the news it sold for 100 times what I got for it. Like the guy who sold in the 90's for $50,000... that guy didn't invision what this www was going to be... what an idiot !!!

4.There will be an monetary aquisition amount for this buyout. This figure will determined by at the time of sale offer/acceptance. I have no need to sell this for pennies and listen to "bottom fishers" telingl me how F**CKED electric vehicles are today. Duh! The industry will tank under Trump. But, if you're still reading my scribble here you know what we've got. You want it, Your company will prosper... I just have done my 20. Do yours. When I started EV's were drawings in magazines... You acquire things BEFORE the masses.

5. A cash deposit of 10% of the aquisition amount will be required when I accept an offer, and the buyer will pay all administrative and legal costs of acquisition. If the buyer wants and escrow they will arrange it with a reputable service and pay it. All costs of this deal are on the buyer. When I am sure funds and terms are met I will initiate transfers of ownership.

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